Why Celebrate Women’s Month?

In March, we celebrate our month. Yes! Celebrate! It is indeed necessary to rejoice to all the achievements women have made over the last hundred years, to get us to where we are today. Although, there is also a lot to overcome. That is also another reason to celebrate, to gain energy for equality battles ahead of us.

Here are some quick reminders of our major equality conquests. Imagine how our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers lived, struggled and fought due to these items below:

  • Political Rights: The possibility to vote and to be recognized as equals in front of the law.


  • Property Rights: The ability to own and inherit property also became available in the last 100 years. Even having a bank account, or applying for a loan, was something that only became available to women in Britain in 1975.


  • Labor Rights: Women were finally able to enter the job market and leave a legacy beyond offspring. Professional limitations were also surpassed and women were able to choose almost any profession.


  • Reproductive Rights: In the 60’s the birth control pill became available giving women more control over their lives and sexual relationships. Being able to decide when to have children drastically changed women’s lives forever.


  • Sexual Crimes: Although this is still a struggle today, a lot has been done to ensure rape, domestic violence and harassment is condemn and punished.

Although for now we celebrate, we cannot forget. Imagine the world we want our daughters, nieces and sisters to live in. Think of what you struggle today because of your gender and what can you do about it. Pay equality, for example, is something that only a few countries have taken action. Sexual crime laws need to be enforced. Let’s feel proud today to be fierce tomorrow.

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