FAQs – Terms & Conditions



How can I pay?

You can pay with credit card, bank wire, MB net and our Gift card. We accept almost all credit card companies.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. All transactions are encrypted and protected. A reputable third party receives your information and processes payment. We don’t have visibility of your full credit card details.

When am I charged?

We receive approval to charge your card when the order is placed. Although, you are only debited when the items are shipped.
In the case of bank wires, MB net and Gift cards full payment has to be made before we are able to proceed with your order. In the case of bank wires, make sure you accept all transfer charges, we will not be able to proceed with your order unless full payment is received. We will not reimburse partial amounts.

My currency is not available. What will happen?

For credit card payments, we have pre-selected a currency based on your location. Your bank will make the associated currency exchange calculations and may charge you a transaction or processing fee. For that reason, the charged amount you will see in your statement may differ slightly. For bank wires we are able to accept Euros. You will have to communicate with your bank before transferring to ensure the correct amount.

What do I need to know about Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are the perfect option when offering shoes as gifts. The person that receives the card will be able to buy any pair within the card value. The card will be valid for a year and it is not refundable.




How do I know an item is in stock?

On the size drop down menu of each design, you will be able to see what items are in stock and which ones are handmade-to-order. Our stock may change before we are able to update the product information. In those cases, you will receive an email notification asking if you would like your items handmade-to-order instead.

My size is not in stock, how long does it take to be produced?

In average, we take up to two weeks for handcrafting your item. Please visit your “My Account” area to keep track of all the details.

What about customized items, how long would it take to be produced?

Production of customized items vary. For minor changes, items can be produced within 2 weeks. If changes were more significant, it would require longer. We will communicate with and get your approval on timings before we proceed with your order.

How are “Small Shoes by Cristina Correia” produced?

All our shoes are handmade in Portugal with artisan techniques. We use great quality materials. Our shoe’s interior is always made with leather.




How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for many countries in Europe. For other locations, pricing ranges from 5 to 15 Euros.

How long does shipping take?

1-2 business days (Portugal & Spain)
4-8 business days (Other European countries and Venezuela)
5-10 business days (Rest of the World)

For items in stock, processing takes 1 to 2 days. For handmade-to-order items you will need to add production time (up to 2 weeks, variable for customized items) If faster shipping is required or your country is not in our shipping list please contact us.




Can I return or exchange products?

Yes. You have 15 days from the date items were received to send them back to us. Items need to be returned in perfect condition with no sign of use. We reserve the right to refuse a refund if the product shows signs of use, neither the items will be sent back.

Shipping costs associated with sending items to us is your responsibility. Shipping service selected has to be traceable. When exchanging, we will send you the new items free of charge.

How do I exchange or return products?

Please place the items in the “dust bag” and box where you received them. Go to the “Contact us” section of smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com and send us an email indicating if you wish to return or exchange your item (if exchange indicate new size). We will send you a form to be included with the products.

You will have to select a shipping service that is traceable and send us the tracking number. Shipping costs to return or exchange are the responsibility of the buyer. Although, when exchanging, we will send you the new items free of charge.




How do I know my size?

Use our sizing guide! Please ensure you select “actual size” when printing. You can check the scale comparing the ruler in the document with an actual one. Choose the largest feet length to determine your size. All our measurements refer to feet size. You can also use our shoe size table available in the “Sizes” tab on each product area, to convert your size and as quick guidance.