Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions described on this document constitute a legally binding contract between “you” (buyer, user) and smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com “we”, “us”, “our” (Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com) covering:

  1. Our Commitment
  2. Buyers Responsibilities and Accepted Behavior
  3. Ordering
  4. Delivery
  5. Payment
  6. Pricing
  7. Exchanges & Returns
  8. Access and Buyer Identification
  9. Responsibility
  10. Personal Information Treatment & Privacy
  11. Intellectual Property
  12. Agreement

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before placing your order. It is the buyer responsibility to get familiar with this document before ordering. By accessing this site, you are agreeing with the Terms and Conditions of sale.

Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions as necessary and without previous notice, any change will be published in smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com


It is our commitment to satisfy our customers and serve you with quality products. Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com will act in good faith.


Users are expected to act in good faith. You agree to follow the norms bellow, as well as the parameters set on this document:

  1. Measure your feet and take necessary steps to correctly identify your size.
  2. Act honestly and in accordance to the law. Never attempt any fraudulent action against smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com or our associates.
  3. Not to post or transmit any content that is threatening, abusive, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, discriminatory, offensive, indecent, incites hatred, is in breach of confidence, proprietary or violates privacy.


The buyer can place an order on-line in smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com or consent via email for customized items. In order to place your order, you will need to register in our website (smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com) and provide personal details such as: name, shipping address, etc. You will need to fill in all the fields in the registration and ordering forms. Only adult individuals (over 18 years of age) are allowed to create an account. Registering is required to place an order.

If you have already registered, you can access your account information in the “My Account” section of smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com by entering your user name or email address and password.

By accessing this site and clicking “Pace Order” you acknowledge and accept the present Terms and Conditions (available in smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com) as well as the prices and descriptions of the products available for sale.

After you finish placing your order, you will receive an automatic e-mail. If you spot any mistake, please contact us immediately using the contact area of our website.

Items not in stock will be handmade-to-order, taking up to two weeks for production. If due to excess of orders this information was not displayed in smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com product area, we will send you an email to confirm your interest to proceed. Only after we receive your confirmation we will start production.

We will review your order and associated information before confirming it to prevent fraud and stop abusive behavior. Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com reserves the right to decline an order, refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit information at our sole discretion.

We will start processing your order once you receive an order confirmation email.

Production of customized shoes will start after your order is placed in smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com. Production time may be longer than existing designs; this will be agreed via email with the buyer before placing your order.

We do our best to produce items within production times. Although, in special circumstances (issues with supplies and materials or other conditions beyond our control) there may be delays. Review your “My Account” area or contact us for more details.

In the terms described in the Portuguese Electronic Commerce Law, Article 7/2004 of January 7 (with amendments done on the article Nº 62/2009 of March 10 and the law nº 46/2012 of August 29), Small Shoes by Cristina Correia reserves the right to unilaterally cancel an order when a programming or computer functioning error occurs.


We offer free shipping to a variety of countries in Europe. Prices for other destinations will be displayed on the cart and checkout areas of smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com.

Items will be sent to the address provided in the checkout page, before placing your order. If you are a registered user, items will be shipped to the address saved in your account. To change the address please login to your account on the “My Account” tab, click on the “Addresses” icon and fill in the new address.

Otherwise specified on the checkout page, the billing address will be the same as the shipping address.

Processing time is 1 to 2 business days. Please remember that for handmade-to-order and customized items you will have to add production time.

Delivery times are approximately:

1-2 business days (Portugal & Spain)
4-8 business days (Other European countries)
5-10 business days (Rest of the World)

If you require a faster shipping service, please contact us directly accessing the “Contact us” area of our website and filling in the form available. Faster services will represent an increase in shipping prices including “free shipping” countries.

Delivery times are subject to customs reviews, checks and procedures. Small Shoes by Cristina Correia is not responsible for delays caused by customs, strikes, natural disasters or any other external force affecting delivery services.

Please ensure that someone is available to receive the order at the delivery address. If the items cannot be delivered due to absence of a recipient, our carrier will leave you a note and rearrange shipment. If you allow items to be delivered without a signature, we will not be liable for any loss, damage, theft or any other circumstance impacting delivery. We will not refund any items under these circumstances.

We do our best to ensure that items arrive within specified times. In order to monitor the status of your account, please login into the “My Account” section and click on the “Orders” icon. Click on the “View” button for more details. Contact us using the form available in the site if you need more information.

You will hold risk and title of imported goods upon delivery.


We offer the following methods of payment:

    • Credit Card: Your purchase information and credit card details will be encrypted, and transferred to your bank on the date of the purchase. After receiving confirmation from your bank, the order will be placed. Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com will not have access to your full credit card details, only partial details for order identification.
      Although the order value will be pre-approved by your bank, your card will only be charged at the date of shipment.
      When purchasing on a currency different from your own, your bank or credit card institution may charge you a conversion, transaction or processing fee. This may affect the amount you see on your statement. If you decline or chargeback the charge associated with your purchase, we will no longer accept orders from you.
    • Bank wire: When selecting the back wire option, you will receive an email notification with our bank details to transfer the order amount. You will have to bear all transaction fees associated. Only after we receive the complete amount of the transaction we will process your order. We will not proceed with your order if we receive only a part of the amount. We will contact you to complete payment. We will not reimburse partial amounts. Please accept all charges before transferring.
    • Multibanco: When selecting this method you will receive an entity and reference to complete payment using your home or online banking or ATM machine. We recommend not placing these payments from 10pm to 3am Portuguese time. We will only process your order after payment is received.
    • Gift Card: You can place an order in our site using our pre-paid Gift Cards. These are not refundable and valid for a year.


The currency used for pricing and shipping calculation is the European Euro. Prices showcased in other currencies are subject to change depending on currency exchange fluctuations. Shipping costs are not included on the prices displayed. Although, for many European countries we offer free shipping. Buyers can check associated shipping prices on the “Cart” and “Checkout” pages before placing an order. For locations where the Euro is not the official currency, shipping pricing may also be subject to change due to currency exchange fluctuations.

Items customized to the buyer’s liking may have a different price than the one showcased in smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com, depending on the changes requested. Buyers will be informed of pricing of these type of goods via email before placing their order. Only after receiving written acceptance from the buyer, we will send a link to proceed with payment.

Discount Codes are only usable in one purchase order and are valid only for a specific period of time.

Pricing and specifications are subject to change without any notice.


We accept exchanges and returns. Buyers have 15 (fifteen) days upon receiving the items to return them or send them for exchange. Shipping costs from the buyer to us (for both exchanges and returns) are the entire responsibility of the buyer. The shipment method chosen for returns has always to be traceable. In the case of exchanges, we will cover the expense to send you the new items.

Exchanges are only acceptable for the same model (example: different sizes) or items of the same value.

Buyers have to communicate with us before sending goods for returns or exchanges. Please go to the “Contact us” section on smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com and send us a message selecting “Exchanges” or “Returns” as the subject. Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com will provide you with a form to fill in and required details for shipment.

Reimbursement will only be executed after the goods are in our possession. Items have to be returned in perfect condition, with no signs of use, unwashed, unaltered and undamaged. Articles must be returned in their original packaging (preferably on their delivery box) accompanied by the return or exchange form.

Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com will inspect the items before issuing an exchange or return. Items with signs of use or damage per part of the buyer will not be exchanged or refunded, neither the items will be shipped back to you.

If items arrive to you damaged, smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com can credit your account with up to 20 euros for repair (upon submitting a receipt). If the repair is more extensive, the buyer will have to send us the item back (bearing the shipment cost) for us to issue a full refund. Damages during transport are very rare. Items are well conditioned and prepared to be handled during shipping.

Refunds will be provided using the same method that we received payment. Gift cards are not refundable.

Customized items are not subject to returns or exchanges.


Your user name and password are personal and intransferable. It is the buyer’s responsibility to protect the security and confidentiality of your password and “My Account” access details. You are solely responsible for all access to and use of smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com by anyone using the password and user name originally assigned to you, whether or not such access to and use of is actually authorized by you, including without limitation all communications and transmissions and all obligations (including without limitation financial obligations) incurred through such use of access.

Credit card details and placing the order at the end of the process are enough proof, according to the law, for the order value to be liable.

Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com is not responsible for investigating the authorization or source of any access or use of our site. You will contact us immediately if you suspect your access has been used without your consent. We recommend changing your password regularly and creating exclusive values for this site.


Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com is not responsible for any loss or damage provoked by interferences, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctioning or disconnections of the operating system that can prevent temporarily, the access, navigation or the ability to provide services to the buyer.

We also decline any liability and responsibility for any loss or damage experienced by you or any third party produced by smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com or items sold on it including, without limitation, the result of negligence.

Smallshoebycristinacorreia.com declines any responsibility for any delay or impossibility to process an order, especially the delivery, due to an error or insufficient information provided by the buyer. Also, we will not be responsible for not fulfilling our responsibilities due to unpredictable or insurmountable actions of force majeure.


We carefully treat and secure personal information collected at smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com. It is confidentially secured, securely protected (SSL) and intransmissible. The data collected is necessary to celebrate and execute the present contract and used to process orders and communicate with the buyer. The buyer is required to provide the required information to register and place an order, guaranteeing that the information is correct, truthful and accurate.

In case you provide your consent at the moment of registration, or its alteration, to subscribe to our newsletter, smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com could send you information regarding products or services that can be of your interest, using your personal information for marketing effects through any channel of communication (e-mail, SMS, MMS, etc) including our Newsletter. We can also use your information to create a profile of your preferences with the objective to adapt our offerings to your needs (for example, country based promotions, new products).

You are entitled, providing proof of identity, access to your information, as well as modifying or removing it. You are able to withdraw your consent of personal data treatment and portability for marketing purposes. Our communications will have “opt-out” options for easy removal. Alternatively, users can contact us by using the “contact us” area in smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com website. Complaints can be presented to the Portuguese National Commission of Data Protection (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados)


All elements displayed in smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com, being these visual or audible, including the subjacent technology, designs, brand or patents, are protected by intellectual property rights and are owned exclusively by smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com

It is strictly prohibited the partial or total reproduction of any element displayed in smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com and must be object of a previous written authorization. Users owing personal sites on the internet and would like to place, for personal use, a simple direct hyperlink to smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com must request permission to do so. Placing a link to our site will not be considered an implicit convention of partnership or affiliation.

Hyperlinking using “framing” or “in-line linking” is prohibited. Any hyperlink, even tacitly authorized, must be retired by a simple request from smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com.

Smallshoesbycristinacorreia.com owns the rights to promote, post, advertise, photograph, distribute and sell any design produced under our customization service. We owe no royalty or license fee to you, or any third party, for use of any content related in our website or social media.


The present contract constitutes a complete agreement between the referred parties. Any clause that becomes null due to Portuguese law changes will not affect the validity and respect of the present contract.