Unsure of Buying Small Shoes Online?

Here are our Small Shoes by Cristina Correia tips to ensure the perfect fit.


The magic of internet has brought to us, petite, innumerable advantages that were unthinkable a few years back. Many of us could not buy shoes for our small feet because they were not a mass-market item. For the majority of brick and mortar shops, having such niche products was not very economically attractive.

Today, we can rely on e-commerce options, like Small Shoes by Cristina Correia, that ensure that even the smaller feet find their perfect match.

However, buying petite shoes online may feel a bit risky. How can I make sure that my dreamed pair fits correctly?


Here are some recommendations to ensure the best purchase:


  • Measure your feet. When buying online, even when the e-shop uses the size convention we are used to, it is key to know your feet length to determine the best size. It is always recommendable to measure both feet, as it is common, to have one larger than the other. 

In Small Shoes by Cristina Correia you can use our measuring template to get your feet length, in millimeters and inches, and size conversion for the most common standards. Alternatively, you can place each foot on a piece of paper and mark a line at the end of the heel and another next to your larger toe, then measure the distance between the lines.

  • Look for size dimension and conversion tables. The majority of shops have them, and can help you translate a size number into a real dimension. In Small Shoes by Cristina Correia you can find our conversion table next to the product images by clicking on “Sizing Guide” and below on the product details “Sizes” section. With the length of your feet, you can identify the best size. If you have used our template, you have all these details.

Check out our short video showing where all this information is.


  • Feet width. This can be also an important factor. If you frequently have a lot of space left on the front of shoes of your size, this may mean that your feet are narrower than the average. On the contrary, if your feet are usually tighter this could mean your feet are broader than average.

In Small Shoes by Cristina Correia you can customize the width your shoes for a perfect fit. Use the customization template available next to each model, or at the bottom of each page to request personalization.

Knowing this aspect will also help you choose shoes that adjust to your feet. Normally pointy shoes may fit better for narrower and average width feet, and rounder shoes for wider and average width feet.


  • When choosing boots that go above the ankle it is also important to check the length and the circumference on the calf. Normally this information is displayed on the product details. Small Shoes by Cristina Correia is not an exception, you will find all the details on the “Description” area below each product image.


  • Know your preference. Despite all the recommendations, no one better than you understands how you feel the most comfortable. Which pair of shoes you have that fit the best? Why is that? Knowing what you prefer wearing, and feels better, is definitely a great piece of information to input in the equation.


Remember that we are always available to support you. Use the contact section of our page to reach out to us with any doubt, question or comment you may have.

Enjoy shopping small shoes with us!

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