Advantages of being petite, scientifically proven and not so much

When thinking about how it is like to be petite, many people would only consider height. On how the stature could make certain things easier or harder for a shorter person (Of course, finding shoes in small sizes is no longer a disadvantage, check our Small Shoes by Cristina Correia collection). Focusing on the positives, there are many advantages, practical and biological of being tinier.

In this post, I will enumerate some of the scientifically proven benefits of being petite, as well as some very practical pluses.


Let’s start with science and biology:


Quick and agile

Impulses travel from the nerves to the brain in order to respond. In smaller bodies, the distance to travel is shorter, hence reactions are faster. This makes us petites nimbler and faster.  The BBC also adds that shorter bodies are easier to turn and bend, achieving more acceleration.

No wonder how we see so many outstanding petites in gymnastics and ballet.


Longer Lives

Smaller bodies mean less cells and lower chances of mutations and cancer. According to the BBC, petite bodies would need less resources to support themselves, which in turn reduces the accumulation of toxic by-products. In studies quoted, shorter people lived on average 2 years more than the taller counterparts or even 0.7 years more per centimeter shorter.

Well, I wouldn’t dare to say… are we even ecologically friendly? heheh


Stronger hips

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, “women 5’8″ (172cm) or taller were more than twice as likely as women under 5’2″ (152cm) to sustain a hip fracture, after accounting for age, body mass index, cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption”. Great news for us petites, considering that 1 in 3 women will sustain a hip fracture and “the reported 1-year mortality after sustaining a hip fracture has been estimated to be 14% to 58%”.


Better distance runners and cyclers

Behold! This a surprise! According to the New York Times, the explanation is based on physics rules. “The physics is so exact that when Dr. Secher tried to predict how fast competitive rowers could go, based only on their sizes and the weights of their boats, he was accurate to within 1 percent.”

When running, a person needs to lift the body and propel it forward. This requires carrying one’s weight through the distance, the lower the weight the better equipped we are to cover longer distances.


Now, let’s go down to earth with more practical, day-to-day advantages:


Fly like a queen

In the decade of cheap flying, we have to opportunity to reach many destinations for a fraction of the cost previously. Of course, in order to achieve these great prices, the budget airlines made substantial changes to their offerings. One of the things most people complain about is the size of the seats. For us petites, this is not a challenge. No matter the size of the plane, or the sit, we would have enough space to stretch our legs, stand and even lay to the sides. Time to go to the bathroom? No problem! We can get in an out without making a fuss, even if the person next to you is sleeping.


Forever Young

We already know that, under the same conditions, we would be living longer than taller people. But also, we would look younger. The reality is that, having a smaller body resembles gives an impression of younger age, not to mention, looking “cuter” and in consequence appearing younger.


More fish in the sea

Even though dating rules are a thing of the past, many women prefer to date taller men, and let’s face it, when you are petite this “rule” is absolutely irrelevant.


This post has given me more ideas on particularities of being petite which I will cover in next articles. Until then, what other advantages can you think about?

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