Stilettos, the must-have shoe option for petites!

Finding the best shoes is a challenge for petites, not only because of how difficult it is to find a specialized shop that sells our size, but also to ensure we choose the correct shape and style to complement us.

In Small Shoes by Cristina Correia we introduced a new line of stilettos in an exciting array of colors. Stilettos are a great choice for petites! Find here are the top reasons why and how to best select stilettos for your feet.

Why choosing stilettos?

  • More Centimeters (inches)!

Stilettos add some centimeters (or inches) that help boost our stature and extend our body in a sexy way. Having a part of the foot exposed will also create an illusion of a taller body. Our design will add 8 cm (3.14 inches) to your height.

  • Stylize & Elongate

The pointy front and slim heel are great tools to elongate our figure, contour our legs and project a confident attitude. Essential for us petite women.

Mustard Yellow Suede Heels

There are no pumps like stilettos! Use these shoes across all seasons. Match your heels and tights to optically extend your legs or use different colors for a touch of creativity and fashion. These heels also adapt very easily to every occasion. From a day at the office, to a romantic dinner or even a party or event, these shoes will effectively, and fashionably, transition with your looks.

Emerald Green Suede Pumps

Our new stilettos collection is filled with different color options. If you do not find the one you are looking for, request customization to get exactly what you are looking for.

Stilettos All Colors

  • A Financially Smart Choice

A classical and style safe choice, stilettos pass the test of time. A smart choice for petites on the budget, that want to look fashionable without frequently renewing their wardrobe. Here is also important to consider the quality of the shoes. In these cases, is better to buy good materials and craftsmanship shoes. You can trust us for that!

Black Patent Small Size Stilettos

How to choose the best Stilettos for your feet?

As with any pair of shoes, we need to know our feet to best select the size and style. One key element is the length, which defines the shoe number (for example EU 33 is for feet with 21cm). Another important characteristic that is normally disregarded, is the width. There are narrow, medium and wide feet and we must measure and know in which category our feet are in.  The third key element is the shape of our toes. The standard for mass production, is to have the bigger toe larger than the rest and falling in size until the last one. We know that is not the case for everyone. Feet can be diverse, and some people have the second or third toe larger, for example.


With all these elements in mind, have the following considerations when buying stilettos:

  • Length: Always buy your size. As a petite, you many have a smaller size. Buying larger sizes, especially with this type of shoes, will result in too much friction and even loosing your shoes if you need to run or move faster. Check our size template to best assess your size.
  • Width: Pointy stilettos are normally narrower in the front, so the best recommendation for people with wider feet is to customize your shoes. Many people with wider feet buy larger sizes to accommodate but, shoe size should never change. The best option is to customize your shoes. Same size, different width shoes to fit you perfectly. In Small shoes by Cristina Correia, we can personalize your shoes to adjust to your needs.
  • Toe shape: Especially for pointy stilettos, since these have a more triangular front, people with non “standard” toe shapes should also require customization for great fit. Rounder shapes may be the best option in rare cases.

Camel Brown Pointy Stilettos

Now you are ready to choose the best stilettos for you! Don’t miss our collection!!

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  • Tina Guarino says:

    Can you make a heel height 4 inches with a platform of 1 to 1 1/2 inch?

    • Cristina Correia says:

      Hello Tina! Yes, we can. Like the stilettos in this article or you are looking for a different type of shoe?

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